Tuesday, March 16, 2021



at balcony

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about forming a positive character and being ourselves. And often I wonder, too, why am I so easily affected by someone that I try to be like them instead of being myself. As a consequence of my reading, it's really necessary for me to discover my own strength by being myself. 

This is because I can see the abilities and rights of myself with that strength. Here I want to reassure you that being ourselves can help us feel more happy with our lives and make things easier to make our dreams come true.

In this post, I will show you how convenient it is for you to take care of yourself and everything. It's going to be about self-love, and it's going to be about letting go of stuff that put you down. And you will quickly accomplish your ambitions and be satisfied.

Here are some suggestions that could inspire you to improve your life today.

1. Stop considering people as the role models. 

It's not wrong to make anyone else a role model when he or she can be part of the passion for your achievement. However, if you make someone else a role model for you to transform into a self that isn't yourself, that's totally wrong. 

I admit that I used to look up to other people a lot too. However, as I reflect ahead to it, having a role model can not be good. Why? Because that would change me as the other person who is the role model who I want to be. Like an obsession maybe haha. 

Focus on yourself! All you're doing is just for you and for you. 

2. Prioritize.

You must determine for yourself what is most important to you and where you want to concentrate your efforts. It's means that you give yourself time and attention to focus on your needs, desires, goals and wants. 

It also means that you offer yourself the same kind of compassion and understanding that you have with other people. When you realise this, life can get even simpler for you and you will know what to do: leaving all obstacles behind and work on your objectives.

3. Surround yourself with people who are inspiring you.

I would like to be surrounded by a group of positive, happy, and full of vibrant people. How about you? I'm sure you also agree with me. For your information, generally, those who are happy and healthy in themselves, both physically and emotionally, are often more successful. 

Every day, I am thankful to be surrounded by some of the most inspiring, good, and positive people, all of whom are hugely successful in their own way.

4. Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

You will know what you want and how valuable you are if you take care of yourself. Take care of your skin, watch movies and spend time with family and friends, drink water, take long shower, exercise, eat well, smile always, go for walks, sleep and wake up early, meditate, write, read, laugh, and enjoy. 

When I practise self-care and self-love, I feel more positive and in control of my life.

Have a nice day ! Don't forget to love yourself.


  1. tak salah untuk idolakan seseorang tu tapi tak perlulah nak tukar jadi diri kita mcm dia.... kita ada identiti sendiri kan, sentiasa percayakan diri sendiri

  2. Hanya kita yang dapat kawal diri kita. Tak perlu jadi orang lain. Admire kat orang tak semestinya kite kena jadi exactly 100% seperti dia..

  3. too much self love, self care.. susah juga...