Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Preloved Giveaway by Raydah


Bismillah. Okay hari ni saya nak join pula giveaway dari sis Raydah.

Syaratnya simple sahaja. Siapa nak join, boleh tekan banner di atas. 

what makes i go back to your blog

Okay, tbh the time i click your name on others chatbox, the first impression when i saw your blog, "wow lawanyaa blog dia" :) Actually, i'm a newbie blogger hihi. But, i have many reasons to go back to your blog in anytime. Well, i followed you already :D First, i like how you customize your blog template. Second, your writing is fresh and make me enjoy reading it. Third, all your content is good especially about your thoughts. Fourth, i am looking forward to your next post about thoughts category ^^ hihi .