So today, I would like to share about skincare tips from five dermatologists. All of the information of below are what I found when I search for skincare tips in the internet 😁 Enjoy!


Acne is not as simple as washing your face every day. The combination of bacteria, clogged pores, sebum (a natural oil in the skin), and inflammation cause acne. Washing your face is still highly suggested, but some breakouts need to be treated beyond just products.

Oiliness does not protect the skin from wrinkle formation that occurs from sun exposure, smoking, and environmental pollution.

Some makeup actually nourishes and does double-duty when it comes to skin protection and improvement, rather than damage. As long as you remove your makeup daily, keep rockin'it.

Makeup can be good for your skin. Most foundation have some form of SPF or titanium dioxide that acts as a protective barrier from the sun.


A cardinal rule for healthy skin is simple to remember: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It is essential to moisturize your skin daily to have healthy, young-looking skin. Apply moisturizer in the morning and at night.

Live a healthy lifestyle. A proper amount of sleep is essential for your health and well-being, including your skin's appearance. When you get sufficient sleep, your body sends more fluids to needy areas and removes fluids from other areas. Besides that. For your diet, what you eat and drink can impact your skin's appearance. Most experts agree nutrient-rich foods are beneficial like foods high in antioxidants are a good bet, especially fruits and vegetables.


A lack of water means less radiance and more sag.

Even those with acne prone skin should moisturize, but with a light lotion and not a heavy cream.

Moisturizer is important because it keeps the skin barrier healthy. The barrier keeps irritants out and water locked in.


Preventing sun damage is a million times better for your skin than treating it after the fact.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly.


Use silk as pillow covers. The material glides easily and prevents creasing and wrinkles. 
Silk is also easier on hair - it helps avoid tangles and breakage.


The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin! That why, taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.


I wish you have a great day today! Thanks for reading my entry.