Hi! So here is the another skincare tips. But this skincare tips are from 10 celebrities (not from Malaysia). Sorry hehe 😊 Maybe next time I will make an entry about skincare tips from Malaysian celebrities. Maybe 😅 So here we go! Enjoy!

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A really easy mask to create that will help brighten your skin and take away the dullness uses yogurt as the key ingredient. Just mix equal parts of yogurt and oatmeal (about 1-2 tablespoons each) with turmeric (about 1-2 teaspoons). Mix, apply, and leave for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. 


Along with skincare like face wash, and moisturizer or serum, she uses an electronic face cleansing brush that ensures her skin is squeaky clean. She also makes sure she removes her makeup with this tools being a part of her cleansing regime. Gomez indulges in a steaming skin session and face masks once in a while to keep her skin clear and youthful. 


She uses cotton bed sheets but silk pillowcases. Kendall said that they are gentle to your skin and face. Kendall makes it a point to wash her face in the morning and at night. After cleaning her face, she moisturizes her skin and uses a sunscreen with appropriate SPF to make sure that her skin remains hydrated and supple and does not become dry.


Lipa try not to wear makeup on the days she don't have to. It is because, she likes to give her skin a chance to breathe, and she's always equipped with anything that can keep her skin moisturized which is eye cream, face cream, face mist and oils to keep her skin feeling fresh.


Camila's beauty advice is drinking 3 liters of water to look younger. Since she started drinking a lot more water, her skin has gotten so much better. On daily morning routine, she puts moisturizer and sunblock on her skin.


Grande uses essentially for her body, face and even hair is coconut oil. She consider it her go-to product to keep her skin and scalp health sane. For skincare routine, cleansing, scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing are the most important steps for her.


Hailey places the most importance on doing her skincare regimen both morning and night when it comes to her own daily routine. Cleanser, serums, and moisturizer are essentials - and then a face mask if she's feeling fancy. For the model, exfoliating twice a week is also key. She said, sleep also is very important to skin. 


She said that it is probably to use cleansing milks and creams and things that are more gentle in the skin. So, she have changed her whole beauty regimen to just using milk cleansers and things that are really moisturizing. That way, really working for her.


Rihanna prefers to deep cleanse her face often. One of her favorite products is micellar water which provides effective cleansing. She believes that keeping the skin hydrated is extremely important to get a glow on the skin. She uses different hydrating masks, moisture sprays and drinks a lot of water to get that dewy glow. 


Lupita's beauty routine - first, she washes her face, uses toner, natural oils before moisturizer. She also has regular massages. She use avocado oil to remove her makeup, which simultaneously hydrates her skin and helps her get that glow.

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