Sunday, April 11, 2021



Assalamualaikum and Hi !

It's me again, Ayu. It's been a long time ahahaha, no lah! I just took a short break from writing. I have a lot of things to be done first before I can write here again.

This semester will be my final semester. A lot of things I learned and experienced at the age of 23 years old this year. I guess you don't know what I am studying.

Actually, I am a finance student at an university. I learn about finance, economics, and that related to my course.

This semester I am taking the following subjects: International Financial Management, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management in Organizations.

This semester I will do my best like I did last semester. Despite the fact that there are only four classes, there are numerous assessments and presentations. Ugh! 

This semester is going to be hard for me I guess. But it's okay. I like to keep in mind that I am closer to my goals now than I ever was. So that, I will be able to survive it too.

Next week, there is one individual assignment that needs to be submitted but I haven't finished the task yet. Hihihi!

And next month, there will be more than 3 assignments that need to be submitted. See? There is a lot of work I have to do. It's okay Ayu, it's okay. Ayu can do it. 

The good news is, this semester, I am going to look for a place to do industrial training or internship. Guess what? Hihihi 

I want to be an intern at any bank. Since the field I took was financial management and banking, I wanted to be an intern at the bank. 

I hope I can do an internship at the bank. This has indeed been my dream since I started taking economics subjects during form 6. 

Ever since I was in primary school again, mathematics has been my favorite subject. When I take SPM, I want to regret not being able to but it's too late. 

I took the science stream. It's also my fault because I didn't ask my heart properly. I am too easily swayed by decisions made by others. 

I was supposed to take the economics subject when taking the SPM, but I took the science stream. Hahaha lol. But it's okay because I took the economic subject during form 6. 

And I am the only girl from form 6 students that taking the economic subject ahahaha lol. And of course, there were male students as well, but only two. So we were the only three in economy class. lol

Enough with the story of the past, now I have managed to follow the choices of my own heart without being influenced by the decisions of others. Alhamdulillah.

My biggest resolution for this semester is to study smarter, not harder like what I did last semester. 

I say this because last semester I was very good at managing time well where I could divide time to study, time to place orders for my business, with my other free time.

Well, that all from me. Thanks for reading my writing. Have a nice day!